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TantalizeErotic Events
We are in Capetown CBD. A safe environment, intimate and sexy. For all levels of erotic, where you can come and explore. We are very strict on validation via WA and carefully plan the parties around the VIP's which are our regulars. We expect respect and sexiness. We usually have 1 party a month but when possible extras to. We do many themes to bring some fun into it and expect arrival in some effort to support this.
Would love to hear from you soonest. WA 073 373 5338
Couple, 49M & 49F
Couple, 49F & 49M
Couple, 55M & 52F
Couple, 59M & 59F
Cape Town
Man, 50
Cape Town
Couple, 42M & 42F
Couple, 57M & 55F
Cape Town
Couple, 50M & 50F
Cape Town
Couple, 52M & 47F
Somerset West
Man, 36
Cape Town
Man, 39
Cape Town
Couple, 53F & 51M
Man, 48
Cape Town
Woman, 50
Couple, 47M & 47F
Cape Town
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