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CEXx Afrikaburn
CEXx stands for Consensual, Educational, Xploration of seX. Now in our fourth year, we are a group of friends and allies creating a camp at AfrikaBurn, focusing on workshops and talks during the day, and providing a discreet, sex-positive camp with restricted, adult-only access at night.

From the educational perspective CEXx aims to grow understanding around sex positivity ranging from understanding gender and sexual orientation, consent, safe sexual practices, relationship styles and kink.
Couple, 49F & 49M
Couple, 50M & 40F
Cape Town
Man, 50
Cape Town
Man, 40
Couple, 42M & 36F
Mossel Bay
Couple, 55M & 55F
Couple, 59M & 49F
Couple, 39F & 42M
Gordons Bay
Man, 46
Somerset West
Couple, 37M & 40F
Man, 30
Couple, 56M & 55F
Cape Town
Couple, 51M & 39F
Cape Town
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