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Sensual Massage
27th Oct 2018, 10:00  Expired      
7 hours
Cape Town - Western Cape (South Africa)
Touch is one of the most powerful ways to create intimacy and share pleasure with your lover. There is an art to sensual touch that offers limitless possibilities of exploration, connection and delicious sensation. We live in patterns, and this is so clearly expressed in our sexual and sensual experiences and relationships. Learning to go beyond these patterns is vital in creating a relationship that’s creative, expansive, growing and fulfilling.

On this workshop you will learn through experience in a safe and boundaried space. We begin with a talk on sensuality, energy, the power of intention, intimacy, creating sensual space and some ideas on the practicalities of sensual massage with your lover. One of the most important aspects of sensual massage is the heart connection. We’ll explore what that is, how to create it and experience the Heart Breath.

We’ll move into the ritual of greeting your lover with the Heart Salutation and the beginning of touch through Sensual Hands Dancing. Then we’ll start exploring Sensual Touch as you watch a demonstration of each aspect of the massage and then practice with your partner. You’ll learn a full-body creative massage based on the expression of how you feel, which makes it a creative and personal experience of touch and pleasure.

It’s best to be nude for the massage, there is no sexual massage. The only people who touch you are you and your partner. The workshop is for couples of all orientations. If you’d like to participate in the workshop and don’t have a partner we try and help with that.

Sensual Massage and Touch. Cape Town, Sat 27 Oct, 10 am- 5 pm, Venue to be Confirmed. The Sensual Massage Workshop is R2200/couple, which includes lunch a DVD Download of the ErosLife Sensual Massage DVD.

Booking is essential, contact, 083 7435 129.
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