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CEXxy All Hallows Eve
26th Oct 2018, 19:30      
6 hours
CEXx Afrikaburn
Cape Town - Western Cape (South Africa)
A decadent evening of celebrating the spirit of kink. For one night only CEXx will be hosting an evening where you will be able to explore your deepest and darkest desires. Turn the evening into your canvas and join us in allowing yourself to surrender to your lust and desires, delve deep in your debaucherous thoughts and express them openly in a radically free and non judgmental environment. Come and help us turn Halloween into perverted playground and prove once and for all that the spirit of kink is not dead.

This is not a swinging event it is a sex positive and kink event hosted by CEXx and as such there is no pressure to play with others unless you want to! However the free and open exploration of your sexual desires and kinks will be enthusiastically encouraged. Please also note that this is a fundraiser and all proceeds will go to the CEXx AfrikaBurn Camp for 2019.

This hallowed cornucopia of expression will be hosted at a once off exclusive tranquil and private mountain retreat in Cape Town. Space is VERY LIMITED so please make sure to get your ticket early to avoid missing out. Tickets will be available at R120 per person on a first come first served basis and the link to purchase will be sent privately to everyone who has RSVP'd. Venue location will be supplied on purchase of a ticket.

Available at the party;
Best dressed competition
Open plan area suitable for impact play. We will have a spanking bench, St Andrews Cross available for public use
Outside balcony area for socializing
Quiet areas for rope and bonded play
2 Rooms for either public or private play
Cuddle puddle
Swimming pool

Although there is not a strict dress code - we do encourage people to don their fetish and kink wear and because it is Halloween he best dressed competition will be strong. So bring your best and make sure to tap into you creative spirit and show us what you version of Halloween kink is!

BRING: Your lust and desires, your play toys, condoms and lube. If you are planning on sharing toys please make sure you have enough condoms to cover the toys to keep things clean and hygienic. You are also welcome to bring snacks, drinks and your swimming towel if you wish to take a dip in the pool.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a public party we will have a strict no drugs policy. We will allow alcohol but strongly discourage play under the influence and you may be asked to leave if you are causing a disturbance. NO refunds will be given in cases like these.

CEXx stands for Consensual, Educational, Xploration of seX. Now in our third year, we are a group of friends and allies creating a camp at AfrikaBurn, focusing on workshops and talks during the day, and providing a discreet, sex-positive camp with restricted, adult-only access at night.

From the educational perspective CEXx aims to grow understanding around sex positivity ranging from understanding gender and sexual orientation, consent, safe sexual practices, relationship styles and kink.

Take a look at our Facebook page for more information.
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