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Water Flow Massage
20th Nov 2018, 19:00  Expired      
3 hours
Johannesburg - Gauteng (South Africa)
We’re celebrating Spring with a beautiful evening of connection, healing and sensuality. This is a guided experience taking you into your own heart and body first, then connecting with another and ending with the comfort of gentle massage.

I’ve often been asked how the evening progresses, so…

We sit and talk first, what the energy of the evening is, because every experience is different. We do some breathing, some heart connecting, then get into the pool. The water is 37’, the lights are low, there’s music playing softly. You’re guided through each of the processes. We’re in the water for between 60-90 mins. When we get out we have some delicious snacks and talk a little about what you experienced.

Tues 20 Nov, 7 pm, VisVita, 37 Dennington Ave, Winston Ridge, Johannesburg
R450/person, singles and couples welcome

‘Thanks for a really beautiful, life transforming experience. The meditative space of the water massage allowed me to go within and listen to my heart. The prompting and exercises to connect with the heart made me so aware of how many protective layers I have put up around my heart to shield myself from pain in relationship. Having my heart closed off is counterproductive if I am wanting to have an open, loving relationship. A closed heart is simply no conducive if I want to flow with life and be the love that I know I am. The different exercises through the water flow massage experience made me feel so safe, loved and held that I could drop the pain and protective layers to allow an opening of my heart, allowing for life and love to flow again through me. What a gift – thank Jonti for the incredible healing opportunities you create. Heartfelt gratitude.’

Booking essential, contact, 083 7435 129.
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