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Sexual Energy Healing
10th May 2019, 17:30  Expired      
All weekend
Magaliesburg - Gauteng (South Africa)
Sexual Energy Healing. An Introductory Massage Workshop. Sexual Healing Is Life Healing.

Our sexuality is connected to all aspects of our being. Many of our patterns manifest in our sexuality, and many of our sexual issues play out in various issues of our life. Our sexuality happens in the context of our lives, the context of our bodies, the context of our minds, the context of our hearts and the context of our energy.

We live in patterns, and for many of us the patterns of our pleasure are limiting. They come from a past that has strong elements of guilt, shame and disconnect. We receive very little, if any, education for pleasure. We live in world of sexual paradox, pressure, myth, misinformation and misunderstanding.

This is one of the most important aspects of life, connected deeply our well-being, health, happiness and fulfilment in so many ways. Sexual Energy Healing is a practical workshop helping you begin that journey. This is an introduction to the practices I have been using for 20 years to help people heal and connect with their sensuality and sexuality.

These practices will give you a deeper connection to yourself, an understanding of the patterns and conditioning that brought you to this point in your life, and a way to create the pleasure and relationships, the life you would like. You’ll learn practices that are about you, connecting to and exploring yourself, that you’ll be able to work with in an ongoing basis, as well as experiences that you’ll learn and do on the workshop.

The first level of this journey includes:
The Patterns We Live With
The Connection Between The Body and The Mind
A Model of Energy
An Expansive Theory of Healing
The Exploration of Energy
The Power of Breath, Including Heart Breathing and Release Breathing
Connecting With Your Inner Healer Being
Conscious Giving As A Path of Self-Exploration
The Heart Touch
Your Sensual Body of Meditation 1
Sacral - Spinal Massage
Forehead Energy Centre Opening
6 Energy Centre Massage
The Power of Holding
And there's always more…

This workshop is for singles and couples of all orientations.
There is no genital touching.
Jonti Searll has been working in the field of Conscious Sexuality for 20 years.
He presents SexTalk on
He has developed and facilitates The Water Flow Massage Experience as well as any other workshops and retreats.
Jonti has produced an audio book and a range of educational DVD’s and writes extensively.

Venue: Thirsty Falls Organic Farm, Magaliesburg, South Africa
Date: Fri 10 May, 5:30 pm – Sun 12 May 4pm
Investment: R3300/person, which includes Accommodation, Meals, The Workshop, The Audio Book Let’s Talk About Sex, Access to the FB Group with ongoing discussion and a weekly call with new information and practices.

Booking essential: Contact, 083 7435 129
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