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Intimacy For Couples
12th Feb 2019, 19:00  Expired      
3 hours
Constantia - Western Cape (South Africa)
Tues 12 Feb, 7 pm, 11 Highwick Ave, Constantia

Intimacy is what holds a relationship together over time. Sex and desire change, life circumstances change, we change.

Intimacy is what keeps us connected.

Intimacy is the space where our togetherness allows us to weather the storms of life.

Intimacy is the space that allows us to grow and expand.

Intimacy is consciousness.

Intimacy is the magic.

This workshop for couples will teach you some of the practices to create a space of intimacy, how to keep that connection, and deepen it.

We’ll talk first about intimacy and then you’ll learn:

Creating an Intimate Space, why this is important, and how to do this

Heart Breathing

Heart Connecting

Sensual Hands Dancing

Yab Yum Breathing

Touching for Intimacy

Booking essential:, 083 7435 129

” What we’ve learned with Jonti has changed our marriage significantly. We’ve gone from being bored with each other to understanding connection and intimacy, and the excitement this brings. We talk more than ever, which after 12 years together is amazing, we touch more much more, we want to be together more, and the by-product of this, which we never understood before, is that sex is better than we ever imagined.”
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