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Awakening Erotic Spirit
13th Feb 2019, 19:00  Expired      
3 hours
Constantia - Western Cape (South Africa)
Wed 13 Feb, 7pm, 11 Highwick Ave, Constantia

We all have an erotic spirit inside of us.

It’s connected to our vitality, to our sensuality, to the juicy experience of life in so many ways.

For many of us this is limited to our sexuality, which for many of us is limited in its expression.

Our Eros is also our life-force.

When we allow it to infuse more of our lives we become more vital, more in touch with ourselves as sensual beings at play in the world.

This workshop begins with a discussion on the erotic, the difference between porn and eroticism, what sensuality is and how we can express that.

Then we use erotic reading, and writing, to explore some aspects of our own delicious erotic nature in a fun and exciting way.

With some delicious food, coffee and dessert we indulge in our senses.

This is for singles and couples.

Booking essential:, 083 7435 129

‘I had no idea what to expect at The Erotic Spirit Workshop and I ended up having such a fun and enlightening evening. I was given, and gave myself, permission to explore aspects of myself that I knew were there but had no connection with before. I came away feeling so excited about myself, life and this erotic part of me that seems endless. I can’t wait to dive deeper into it’.
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