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14th Feb 2019, 19:00  Expired      
3 hours
Constantia - Western Cape (South Africa)
Thurs 14 Feb, 7pm, 11 Highwick Ave, Constantia

So many workshops are about topics around sex.

This is about sex, penetrative sex, and how to take this to the heights you’ve imagined it to be, and beyond that.

There is an art to sex and in this workshop we’ll explore some of the principles and practices to help you become an artist of pleasure.

You’ll learn about:

Sexual Energy

The Love Dance

Sexual Rhythms

Slow Union


Orgasms Or Not

And more…

There is no nudity on this workshop.

This is for singles and couples.

Booking essential:, 083 7435 129

“Like most men I thought I knew about sex, and I also thought I was a good lover. What I learned on this workshop took the pleasure I have with my wife to a whole new level. Everybody should learn this stuff!”

“I’m not sure I can put into words yet what I learnt from Jonti. What I can tell you is this, we’re a very sexual couple, we’ve explored a lot, and now we’ve seen some of what sex and pleasure are really all about. We can’t wait to learn more. We don’t want to leave home’.
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