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For our Nudist members... Sun Eden will be having their Mexican Fiesta party tomorrow night. Go to … for more info or to book.
  12:34pm - 25th May 2018 
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Time to rise and shine, the weekend is almost here!
  9:05am - 25th May 2018 
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Good night and pleasant dreams
  10:01pm - 24th May 2018 
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There is so many clubs, that its hard to keep up with all of them... where do you like to party? It can be a mainstream club or an adult club... please share
  9:25pm - 24th May 2018 
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Have a gorgeous day Sexies! .. nearly weekend
  4:11pm - 24th May 2018 
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A hot little body to admire
  12:29pm - 24th May 2018 
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Our new Badges and Profile banners are being rolled out from now until... we are done

The badges are: Founding Member, ZNights Ambassador, Event Organiser, Photographer and Validated Member

The banners are on each profile above their profile picture, this includes the Profile Preview slide out page. The banners are set by Bev or myself on request and can be any one(1) of the above badges, if you have been awarded the particular badge.

I am busy with the Ambassador badges/banners now. Bev and myself will get to all the known recipients over the next 24 hours. You are welcome to 'jump the queue' and contact either of directly.

Go to "Connect: ZNights Ambassadors" for a growing list of our current awesome ambassadors
There is also a "Badge Guide" on that page. I will link to other places later tonight or tomorrow.
  8:29pm - 23rd May 2018 
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Anyone up for a kinky Humpday?
  3:18pm - 23rd May 2018 
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Wondering where to post your adverts... Use the PostIts / Out & About and Lets Play! categories to post quick Parties, Travel, Looking for..., Offering... and Fantasy. With today's pop-up blockers anything that says "adverts, classifieds and even personals" gets blocked... even mine does it. We are going to at a later stage, add search, including for couples, women and men... please shout if you need any help. Use the Contact Us bottom of the browser or email
  3:15pm - 23rd May 2018 
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Anyone up for a chat? Come and join us
  1:40pm - 23rd May 2018 
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I’ve been talking a lot about touch recently, so I’m offering a special on Tantric and Taoist Massage Experiences for the next few weeks. These experiences are healing, relaxing, energizing, connecting and pleasurable. They’re an experience of sensuality, vitality and life-force. This allows us to see and feel how our sexual energy is so much more than being just about sex. It’s a doorway into learning about ourselves, freeing the energy blockages we have to be able to use the energy for healing, meditation, creativity and more.

We talk first, about why you’re having the experience, what you’d like to get from it, what it’s about for you. Then I recommend something to you, explain what it involves and then you enjoy an amazing experience of sensual energy touch. One of the most important aspect of this massage is that it’s about pleasure. There’s no expectation, there’s no pressure, there’s no performance. This is vital and so healing for women as a pleasure space often becomes a pressure space due to expectations. When that’s not there it allows you to feel fully, to let go into sensation, into feeling, into emotion, into energy in whatever way becomes a natural expression of your body.

The massage is about an hour long, R750. Contact Jonti to book and with any questions you have,, 083 7435 129.
  11:08am - 23rd May 2018 
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This weeks trek to the weekend is almost half way there, Happy Humpday
  8:55am - 23rd May 2018 
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What an awesome new event for the local Cape Town Poly community... Hell YES! presents: A Polyamorous Murder Mystery, Cape Town, Saturday, 16 June 2018 - A quiet evening get-together of like-minded people unexpectedly turns bloody when one of the guests is found murdered. EVERYONE is a suspect and not a single witness can be trusted. With police on the scene, no-one may leave until the powers-that-be have their answers. Get ready to get your detective skills on, make new friends, go on an adventure and be part of a night of mystery...

More info:
  11:36pm - 22nd May 2018 
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RopeyThings Presents: Desire Lines Bondage Basics At Yoga Zone, Cape Town, Sat, 26 May - 13:30 - This class will be for beginners and will give you an idea of what bondage is, how it can be used to connect with your partner and how to do it with consent consciousness. Bondage is never safe, but I will demonstrate ways in which is could be made more safe.

When: Saturday 26 May, 13:30 - 16:00
Where: Yoga Zone, 50 Kloof str, Lifestyle centre above Woolworths.
What to bring: rope, if you have. Cushions/yoga mat. Water, snacks. An open mind. Something to take notes.
Price: R400 per couple (8 spots), R250 per single rigger (2 spots), single model free (2 spots).

More info -  
  11:31pm - 22nd May 2018 
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Name your favourite part of the body... now compliment your partner on that bit
... No partner? Compliment a stranger... hmmm, depending on the body part, might not be the best idea
  9:29am - 22nd May 2018 
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Come and join us at our ZNights 26/05 Winter Wonderland Party @ Club StrawberryLips, Pinetown! Wear something white and sparkly! Dress to impress or dress less to impress! So let's keep each other warm, and party the night away like rock stars! 🥂
  9:21pm - 21st May 2018 
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There is a strange Profile Picture bug that is cropping from time to time. Sometimes, for an as yet unknown reason, the first of your public pictures does not show as your profile picture. If this happens to you please let us know. To fix it, just go to your public pictures and move the front picture to the front and this will reset the glitch.

This is not to be confused with when your public pictures are awaiting moderation.
  4:13pm - 21st May 2018 
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Give me a minute, I am nearly ready to face a new week.
  10:56am - 21st May 2018 
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Pious? Nope, just keeping my hands warm
  9:30am - 20th May 2018 
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Make sure that you play nicely with your friends.
  9:55am - 19th May 2018 
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