Ready to party? Catch up below on all the hottest parties and workshops this week and the coming weekend! Have you got your Halloween outfit yet? We have highlighted all the Halloween parties for next week throughout South Africa little further down the events newsletter!



ZNights Halloween Party
Date: 28th Oct 2017, 19:00
Treat or Treats? The choice is yours at Shakerz this Halloween!! Forget the boring old 'trick or treat', there'll only be sexy treats all round at our sexy Halloween theme night! How do you like your treats? Hard? Tasty? Delicious? Perhaps being the treat is what you desire? Whatever your pleasure, throw on a naughty little Halloween costume, grab your partner, and join us for a steamy, treat-filled night amongst like-minded others. A fantasy filled night for a different type of wicked @ Shakerz! Book your place:, or call Stef and Cyn (Two4Life) on 060 4488 984 with your names, contact details and user name.


We all love a good party! Our Events Calendar offers clubs, adult party organisers and workshops a free advertising portal to promote their clubs, adult parties, and events.

DISCLAIMER: ZNights does not run or host the events listed under the club events and does its best to keep the events calendar as actual as possible. Clubs sometimes do change information at a moment's notice. Please, always consult the website of the CLUB listed for the latest actual information before making personal or financial decisions.


CEXX AFRIKABURN, Durbanville, Cape

La Petite Mort: CEXx Fundraiser
Date: 4th Nov 2017, 14:00
CEXx will be hosting their first fundraiser for AfrikaBurn 2018 on Saturday 4 November 2017. In true CEXx style the event will be a combination of educational workshops in the afternoon and a party for demonstrations and safe exploration in the evening. Each workshop will be between 30 to 45 minutes, and will start every hour on the hour between 14:00 and 16:00. 'LA PETITE MORT' PLAY PARTY - Starting at 19:00 we will kick off with an educational play party. There will be a number of demonstrations taking place including rope work, burlesque dancing and fire massage. The CEXx dome will be available for play as well as a number of other areas with a wide range of equipment ranging from, massage table, tantric chair, spanking bench and St. Andrew’s cross. The theme for the party in the evening is 'La petite mort' an expression which means "the brief loss or weakening of consciousness" and in this case refers specifically to "the sensation of orgasm as likened to death". We are asking everyone to please dress up for the evening festivities. Think 'Dia de los Muertos' or Mexican Day of the Dead. Dress up, pull out your masks and bring out your dark side to play. Tickets are available at



Sexy Saturdays
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 19:00
SEXY SATURDAYS every Sat eve @Shakerz in Benoni. Loads of hidden treasures (other than our rooms, jacuzzis and voyeurs area) will be unlocked by the adventurous... be BOLD and explore our world - and your fantasies. With amazing sound and lighting, you will never be bored on the dance floor. Drinks prices will make you smile and the amazing meal alone is worth the cover charge. We are open every Saturday evening from 7pm till 4am. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.


Pink Fluffy Unicorn Party
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 19:00
Pink Fluffy Unicorn BDSM & Fetish Sound Barrier Party Breast Cancer Awareness Month A BDSM & Fetish evening presented to you by Sound Barrier.


October is Breast Cancer awareness month. As most of us know someone who has been afflicted with cancer in some form or other; it just seems appropriate to acknowledge the dedication of the month as its representation. To this end; during the month of October, should a lady arrive at the club wearing a pink bra; the Club will donate R10 to CANSA. If a gent wants to show his solidarity, he just has to wear something pink, and the same donation will be made. There will also be a donation box at reception. At the end of the month the club will match the contents of the donations given by the patrons.

Mid Week Mini Party
Date: 18th Oct 2017, 20:00
Wednesday evenings @ Club Poizon are open to anyone in alternative lifestyles that want to meet like minded people. The evening is relaxed and chill. Why not join us and see for yourself?


See-through Lingerie
Date: 20th Oct 2017, 20:00
Supper and welcome shooter Cash Bar Arrive before 9pm and get a R100.00 discount

Hats and Lingerie
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 20:00
Hats are sexy when you wear it with your sexy Lingerie. Delicious supper and welcome drinks Cash Bar Arrive before 9pm and get a discount


Midweek Meet & Greet Party
Date: 18th Oct 2017, 19:00
Come join us tonight for our Midweek Meet & Greet Party at Club Privilege Pretoria. Where you can meet like-minded people and have a great time whether it is to just come and chat with friends and have a drink and dance a bit or come to play...

1st Birthday Celebration
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 20:00
Dress Code: Smart Casual. R300 per couple, R350 per single male and R150 per single female. Doors close at 10 pm. Cash Bar, 3 Jacuzzi`s, Big Voyeur Area and Cosy Dance Floor. Register now and book to avoid disappointment.

CLUB ROME, Randburg

Daytime Fun!
Date: 18th Oct 2017, 11:00
One of the most fun and popular part's of the week and there isn't any messing around at this party... peeps know why are there and that's what they do...make friends... and friends with benefits! Be prepared for the most fun of your life!!

Singles Night (Couples Welcome)
Date: 20th Oct 2017, 19:30
A night for singles to have a party that`s theirs!! Single friendly couples welcome (IE play with singles). Full buffet meal, drinks, DJ as well as all facility`s included in the price.

Dynamic Sensual Body Work Shop
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 10:00
Bookings with Lisa

Nudist Party with DJ Seilo
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 19:30
The same person that ROCKED Woodstock party! Come see what all the fuss was about... Full buffet meal, drinks, DJ as well as all facility's included in the price.

EROSLIFE, Johannesburg

#sextalk on cliffcentral
Date: 20th Oct 2017, 10:00
Jonti Searll & Tamar. The studio now has a WhatsApp no to message questions and comments during the show, 079 748 2090. The podcast -

Water flow Massage
Date: 24th Oct 2017, 19:00
This is an experience of deep healing, relaxation, inner peace, connection and touch. It’s a meditation on life that allows you to go deep into yourself, with another and others. It’s a heart space that connects you to your body, your feelings and your life. Singles and couples welcome.


CLUB TRIO, Pinetown

The 7 Deadly Sins Party
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 20:00
Come and have a fun-filled evening dressed as one of the 7 deadly sins: Envy, Greed, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Lust.


Sexy Pajama Party
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 20:00
It can be something Frilly, Sexy or Sweet … Something Frisky to knock The Men off their feet.



Couples and Singles Party
Date: 19th Oct 2017, 20:00
A night for us all to come together and have fun!!

Bootylicious Bums & Boobs Competition Party
Date: 21st Oct 2017, 20:30
Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out on this fun evening, who has the sexiest bum & boobs! Winner will get a free drink & a sexy surprise!


27/10 ULP Halloween Party @ Club Rome
The witches, warlocks and monsters come out! Awesome costume party theme and always a big hit!

27/10 Hot & Sexy Halloween Party @ Club Poizon
Tonight is our Hot & Sexy Halloween Party. With our friends from Dezire Club & ZNights hosting the night with Club Poizon management.

28/10 Halloween Party @ Club Trio
When witches go riding, a black cat are seen, the moon laughs & whispers, ‘this near Halloween.

28/10 Sinful Singles Monster Mash Party @ SwinglesSA
So the last of the Halloween parties for the year. Take out those costumes you used at other parties; Or take out the sexy one you have always wanted to wear?

28/10 Halloween Party @ Strawberry Lips
Are you a screamer? Wicked, wild witches and werewolves welcome! It`s so sexy it`s scary! Finger Snacks & Special Treats on this Scary Night!

28/10 Halloween Party @ Club Privilege
I wanna do bad things with you!

28/10 Sexy Halloween Party @ Lizas Lounge
It’s sexy trick or treating time! Dress up as your favourite sexy, naughty or scary character!

28/10 Halloween at haunted PFC! @ Pharaohs
Halloween at haunted PFC! Witches and Vampires

04/11 UBDSM Día de Muertos @ Club Rome
Day of the Dead and UBDSM 7th Birthday Bash. Would you believe UBDSM is turning 7 years old, time has flown by so fast, lots of plays happened and lots more sexy and wicked plays to happen. So we celebrating mexican style with a touch of Halloween.


20/10 Singles Night @ Club Rome
21/10 Sexy Saturdays @ Shakerz
21/10 Pink Fluffy Unicorns @ The Sound Barrier
21/10 Dynamic Sensual Body Workshop @ Club Rome
21/10 1st Birthday Celebration @ Club Privilege
21/10 Nudist Party with DJ Seilo @ Club Rome
21/10 Sexy Pajama Party @ Strawberry Lips
26/10 SoundBarrier Social, Midrand
01/11 Meet & Greet Poker Evening @ Club Rome
03/11 Lisa's 40th Birthday Party @ Club Rome
04/11 UBDSM Dia De Meurtos @ Club Rome
04/11 Swingers Party @ The Red Room
10/11 Masked Carnival Camping Weekend @ Club Rome

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