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The holidays are nearly on top of us... if you are going away, throwing a sexy party or just staying at home and wanting to have some wicked fun... start placing your Speed Date (date specific play), Parties and Travel Adverts... Go to Adverts to view or add yours. As always ZNights will allow Validated and Subscribers to add their contact details to the December adverts ... we want you to have an awesome time!


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FunLovingCouple - Couple, 34F & 45M, Pretoria, Gauteng
Discrete, fun & loving. We are married for 8 years now and have been in the lifestyle for just as long. Looking to meet outgoing stable couples with whom we can build long term friendships. There has to be a spark between us all. We would like to have dinner parties / braais / evenings around the bonfire or even a weekend at a discreet location where we can have sexy fun.


ZNights loves awarding the sexiest / most liked profile pictures and/or naughty covers! If you have received an award, go to Dashboard / Account / Vouchers to redeem your 7 days free subscription voucher. Awards for this week:

NymphCT - Couple, 31M & 29F, Bloubergstrand, Western Cape
Awesome Profile Picture - 18th Dec, 2017

Erotixxx - Couple, 45F & 37M, Table View, Western Cape
Awesome Profile Picture - 19th Dec, 2017

Kaybee - Couple, 38M & 35F, Midrand, Gauteng
Awesome Profile Picture - 20th Dec, 2017

Frandal - Couple, 33M & 27F, Centurion, Gauteng
Awesome Profile Picture - 21st Dec, 2017

ashplays - Man, 35, Cape Town, Western Cape
Awesome Naughty Cover - 22nd Dec, 2017

Couple seeking female - Couple, 33M & 26F, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Awesome Profile Picture - 23rd Dec, 2017

Pig and Bunny - Couple, 45M & 41F, Muizenberg, Western Cape
Awesome Profile Picture - 24th Dec, 2017


Bring out your inner Exhibitionist! This is a fun & sexy way to connect with like-minded members! Post your pics and stand a chance in winning our awesome subscription prizes! Go to Pictures / Contests to vote; view or enter! Join the fun by adding your piccies...

WINNERS!! Sexiest Profile Nov 2017
Congrats to our sexy winners funpara! Well deserving 2nd place goes to 2timesplay and 3rd place to xxx7xxx... Thank you sexies for all your gorgeous entries!

VOTE: Sexy Wet 4: Ends: 29th Dec
Who is going to be our next Sexy Wet winner? Vote for your favourite entries!

NEW SUBMIT PICS: Sexiest Profile Dec 2017: Closes: 31st Dec
Who is going to be our Sexiest Profile December 2017? We have seen so many stunning profile pictures and naughty covers, please submit them and walk away with the sexiest profile of the month title and a 3 month subscription to ZNights!

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