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Couple, 50M & 40F
Cape Town
Couple, 43M & 40F
Couple, 36M & 31F
Cape Town
Couple, 52M & 32F
Kempton Park
Couple, 45M & 38F
Port Elizabeth
Couple, 42M & 43F
Cape Town
Couple, 38M & 38F
East London
Couple, 31F & 31M
Cape Town
Couple, 47M & 38F
Somerset West
Couple, 40F & 47M
Cape Town
Couple, 42M & 33F
Couple, 57M & 54F
Hout Bay
Couple, 46M & 44F
Cape Town
Couple, 38F & 38M
Couple, 42M & 40F
Cape Town
Couple, 49M & 49F
Couple, 40F & 49M
Couple, 28F & 36M
Couple, 45M & 42F
Couple, 49F & 49M
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