Revised & Updated 30 March 2017
It is important to ZNights that our users understand the proper ways to behave online. It doesn't mean all social etiquette goes out the window just because you're behind a computer monitor. It's quite the opposite, following proper social media etiquette is a key to being successful online (and to making sure you don't make a complete ass out of yourself).

• Wheaton's Law: "Don't be a dick!"
• Give More than You Receive
• Add Value to the Site
• Build Quality Relationships
• Use descriptive titles
• Respect the Community
• Keep Private Conversations Private
• Listen to Others
• Be Accountable for Your Actions
• Prohibited Topics
• Don't be a Keyboard Gangster
• Don't Sabotage Other's Efforts
• Stop Pushing the Envelope
• Be Nice
• Code of Ethics

We encourage all our users to follow these guidelines!

Wheaton's Law: "Don't be a dick!"

It really is that simple. Watch this video clip to hear Wil Wheaton explain the origins of "Wheaton's Law":

Give More than You Receive

If you want to receive attention from others online, you have to be willing to give it first. It's the old "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" routine. You have to earn respect from others by giving more than you receive.

Add Value to the Site

The thing that will earn you great connections with others is if you add value to the community. Before you ever submit anything to a social media site, ask yourself "Does this article really add value to the community?" If not, reconsider submitting it.

Build Quality Relationships

People are more willing to help those who they really know. By building quality relationships with other users, you'll always have someone in your corner to back you up. Remember, relationships require the participation of both parties; so, always be a good participant in your social media relationship.

Use descriptive titles

Fill out the Subject line properly. People want to know immediately what your E-mail or blog is about. Help them out by filling out the subject line with the proper text.

Respect the Community

This might be the most important rule of social media etiquette. Show respect to the community. It's not that hard to do. Just make sure you don't step out of line, and always treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Keep Private Conversations Private

When people are talking, we have a reasonable expectation that our conversation is private. Therefore, private conversations should be kept private unless both people have agreed to it being posted publicly.

Listen to Others

Your first reaction whenever someone disagrees with you online is probably to tell them how wrong they are. Instead of constantly fighting back, take the time to listen to what they're really saying. Listen to the people commenting on your blog. Understand where they're coming from. You don't know everything, and you can learn from others if you take the time to listen.

Be Accountable for Your Actions

Because of the anonymity the Internet allows, there is little to no accountability online. People say and do whatever they please without facing any repercussions.
By being accountable, people will respect you, whether they agree with you or not.

Prohibited Topics

The following topics are prohibited: real murder, animal abuse, and anything involving minors, snuff, necrophilia, cannibalism, and bestiality.

Don't be a Keyboard Gangster

They sit at their keyboard talking trash to everyone they encounter. Don't try to ruin everyone else's online experience.

Don't Sabotage Other's Efforts

Don't try to bury others just for the sake of getting ahead. Making enemies on social media sites will get you nowhere fast.

Stop Pushing the Envelope

One of the fastest ways to alienate people online is to constantly flood them with requests, everyone will lose their patience with you.

Be Nice

All of these points add up to one thing – just be nice. Is it really too much to ask for people to be kind to one another?

Code of Ethics

ZNights members must at all times conduct their membership activities in the SPIRIT for which this community has been created; agree to respect the views of all members at all times; to demonstrate helpfulness and show understanding for the wishes and safety of all members. We want you to enjoy yourself and feel confident while you are here. It is important to us :)

We want you to enjoy yourself and feel confident while you are here. It is important to us. So is your safety and privacy. And while most members conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, there are some activities that cannot be permitted for the sake of everyone's enjoyment.

• That's why we encourage all members to respect these guidelines:
• I will treat fellow ZNights members with dignity and respect.
• I will be truthful in the way I present myself in both my profile and pictures.
• I will not use ZNights for commercial purposes or solicitation.
• I will not engage in any form of harassment or abusive behaviour.
• I will at all times adhere to the ZNights's Terms and Conditions of use and related policies.

If you come across members that you feel are breaking the Code of Ethics or breaching the Terms and Conditions of use, please use the Contact Us so we can investigate it further.

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