A hedonist values sensual pleasure above all else. Hedonist comes from the Greek word hedone 'pleasure' and is related to hedys, which means 'sweet.' Although this noun did not make its first appearance until 1822, the word was created as a reference to an ancient Greek philosophical system known as the Cyrenaic school. The Cyrenaics taught that pleasure - particularly physical pleasure - is the greatest good. If you need some examples of modern day hedonists, think the many celebrities today who are only famous for going to parties. So if you like uninhibited fun, enjoy pleasure, and want to live a life less ordinary then you are a Hedonist.
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Energy Sex, Sexual Energy
9th Dec 2023, 10:00      
7 hours
Johannesburg - Gauteng (South Africa)
There is such power in our sexual energy, and so many ways to make love.
Energy Sex is a field of possibility that opens us to deep pleasure, the direct experience of sexual energy and intimacy and connection in a way that we've often never experienced.

Energy Sex is about connection.
It's about connecting with our own energy first.
Then sharing that with another.
It's about the penetration, and the receiving, the opening to sex as an energy.
Sometimes there's no touch, yet we feel this in our bodies, even to the point of orgasm.
It can take us to a space of full-body orgasms.
It can be an experience of expanded states of consciousness.

I've been exploring this for a while now, and I'm excited to share this with you.
To say it's mind-blowing is an understatement.
To say it will expand and change the way you have sex, view sexuality, is an understatement.
The workshop is, first, an inner journey.
Feeling, sensing, connecting with our own energy, coming from the heart.
Then we learn how to expand that energy outwards, how to direct it.
We learn what energy touch is.
We see how we can penetrate another with our eyes, our breath, our words, energy touch.
And, BTW, this has nothing to do with what genitals you have.
We experience how to open to receive energy.

This is an experience of connection that touches many aspects of our bodies, hearts and minds.
It expands the way we see and experience ourselves, and our sexuality.
It opens more ways to connect with another, and to experience pleasure.
It enhances the intimacy we feel.
It's healing and releasing.
It's exciting.
It's a meditation of sexual energy.
And it's an exploration of limitless possibilities...

'The 1st time I had an orgasm in this way I was speechless, I really did not have the words to describe it. All Jonti did was breathe on my body, and my whole body melted into orgasm. I'd never felt anything like this, it was something so different. It was a long time before I could talk or move. It felt like my whole being had been reset.'

'Now I know what sexual energy is! There was no touch, we were sitting opposite each other, and I felt as if my Heart was being made love to, that's the only way I can describe it.'

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