A hedonist values sensual pleasure above all else. Hedonist comes from the Greek word hedone 'pleasure' and is related to hedys, which means 'sweet.' Although this noun did not make its first appearance until 1822, the word was created as a reference to an ancient Greek philosophical system known as the Cyrenaic school. The Cyrenaics taught that pleasure - particularly physical pleasure - is the greatest good. If you need some examples of modern day hedonists, think the many celebrities today who are only famous for going to parties. So if you like uninhibited fun, enjoy pleasure, and want to live a life less ordinary then you are a Hedonist.
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Free Talk
9th Nov 2020, 19:00  Expired      
2 hours
Plumstead - Western Cape (South Africa)
I am so looking forward to sharing with you in Cape Town. The workshops I’m offering are in the space where pleasure, healing, sexual energy and possibility meet. The path of pleasure, of intimacy, with ourselves, with another, is a path of powerful medicine, growth and expansion.

These workshops and experiences take you into your body, into your energy, into your heart, into your mind, into the subtlety of bliss and give you the tools to deepen your journey into life, love and pleasure.

All the workshops have tools for practitioners.

The path of Conscious Sexuality is not about needing to be fixed, it’s about connecting with ourselves, learning and seeing our patterns, and being able to create lives, experiences and relationships of fulfilment.

All the workshops are at 1 Denbigh Rd, Plumstead, except for Water Flow Massage. There are discounts available for attending more than 1 workshop, please contact me about that, jonti@eroslife.co.za, 083 7435 129.

Booking is essential for all workshops, places are limited.

I’ve created a FB Group, Cape Town Workshops, which I invite you to join. It’s a private group, and I’ll be sharing a lot of free stuff with you there, my story, how I got to do what I do, about the workshops, some practices, thoughts on sexual healing, exploration and growth, videos and more. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352671546169704/ />
I’d appreciate you sharing this info with your friends in Cape Town.

MON 9th Nov A Free Talk on Conscious Sexuality

We’ll talk about what Conscious Sexuality is. We’ll talk about the patterns we live with, and the impact they have on our lives, relationships and pleasure.

We’ll talk about sexual and sensual healing, the path of possibility, how the energy of pleasure can be used for healing and growth.

We’ll talk about energy.

We’ll talk about a model of healing and growth based on pleasure and expansion, rather than on pain.

We start at 7 pm, please bring cushions to sit on.
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