A hedonist values sensual pleasure above all else. Hedonist comes from the Greek word hedone 'pleasure' and is related to hedys, which means 'sweet.' Although this noun did not make its first appearance until 1822, the word was created as a reference to an ancient Greek philosophical system known as the Cyrenaic school. The Cyrenaics taught that pleasure - particularly physical pleasure - is the greatest good. If you need some examples of modern day hedonists, think the many celebrities today who are only famous for going to parties. So if you like uninhibited fun, enjoy pleasure, and want to live a life less ordinary then you are a Hedonist.
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16th Mar 2021, 19:00  Expired      
3 hours
Claremont - Western Cape (South Africa)

For many of us self-pleasuring falls into the model of sexuality that we have for sex with another person.

What does that really mean?

It means that it’s generally a goal-oriented experience, the goal being orgasm.

Then there are elements of relaxation, stress-release, connection, boredom etc.

All these things are fine, they’re limited in their in their expression if that’s all there is.

The fantastic thing is that there is so much more.

Our self-pleasuring experiences can become acts of self-love, of healing, of meditation, of creativity, of deep connection to ourselves, of personal enquiry, of exploration of sensation and feeling, of experiencing sexual energy, of a means of experiencing higher states of consciousness AND of having much more pleasure.

We have choices, so many choices of what we’d like to experience.

In fact, so many choices that when you learn about the possibilities you’ll stop watching NetFlix and YouTube, you’ll even stop going out! No, you won’t, because there’s so much to enjoy in all of life.

What you will do is be able to go deeper into yourself, deeper into pleasure and explore your sensuality and sexuality, your body, your heart and your mind with more awareness and consciousness.

And the pleasure you experience, the orgasms you have will become more intense!

Join me for an adventure into your heart, your body, your sexual energy and learn the practices that will allow you to have these experiences.

On the workshop you’ll learn about:

Sex and Sensuality

A Sensual Connection with Yourself

Heart Breathing, and how it connects to self-pleasuring and being present

The Power of Intention

Fire Breath for Fire Experiences

Tantric Expanded Orgasmic Wave of Pleasure


The Role of Fantasy

Orgasm for Manifestation

And more…

There will also be time for questions at the event

Course Fees: Free
Booking essential, jonti@eroslife.co.za, 083 7435 129
Website: www.eroslife.co.za
Venue: 15 Riviera Rd, Claremont, Cape Town
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