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30th Jan 2022, 11:00  Expired      
6 hours
Parkhurst - Gauteng (South Africa)
Shibari: An Embodied Introduction | JHB
No under 18s

Shibari (AKA Kinbaku / Rope Bondage) is the erotic art of using rope to tie up oneself or a partner. Rope can be wielded with whatever intention is set between those playing with it: it can be an object for gentle, non-restrictive sensation play. It can also be a tool to create significant challenge and discomfort (even torturous sensation) for the body. It is a potent medium and should be treated with respect, patience, mindfulness and consciousness.

This introductory workshop will cover the basics of getting started in this practice.


Sunday 11AM - 1PM
Bondage Basics: safety, communication & simple ties
Suitable for singles and couples, this session will provide the critical information to get started with rope in a mindful, measured and safety-conscious way.

Sunday 2PM - 4PM
Embodied Floorwork: creating space for surrender with rope
Building on the basics, we will practice using these building blocks to co-create a rope "scene" - a space for surrender. Tops will learn how to hold space and create sensation using basic ties. Bottoms will be given the tools to surrender and opportunity to self-advocate.

What to Bring
Snacks and water
A yoga mat and a cushion
Rope if you have. We will provide class rope.
Safety shears if you have
An open mind

What to Wear
We will be working on the floor, so wear clothes that you are able to move in.
Yoga clothing is easiest. A little bare flesh is good for sensation.
All genders are permitted to be topless but crotches will need to be covered.
If you want to wear something that makes you feel cute and sexy, go for it!
Masks are non-negotiable for the duration of the class.

NB: The ethos of Embodiment Rope Space is coming with us. Please read the rules of our space.
If you have any questions, please email desirelines.rope@gmail.com

Desire Lines is also available for limited private lessons on Wednesday the 26th of Jan. Please email desirelines.rope@gmail.com if you are interested.

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